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Ben Fuller

Owner: Spectrum Plumbing and Heating

With 13 years of plumbing experience, Ben has had the opportunity to learn from skilled professionals and train a new generation of technicians who combine the knowledge of yesterday with the professionalism of today. He is proud to provide the highest level of craftsmanship and outstanding service at an affordable price.

Ben is an avid outdoorsman and always looking for the next adventure. If he isn't plumbing you'll probably find him at home on the hobby farm he and his family are restoring. Full of ideas, he is using his green plumbing skills to pursue a more self sustaining farm for his family.

Bio Jordan


Jordan Harris

Lead Journeyman Plumber

Jordan is one of the finest plumbers we have met. We are proud to say he was trained by Ben and excels in the plumbing field with his commitment to his craft, problem solving skills, organization and eye for detail. He is well trained in all aspects of plumbing including large commercial projects, radiant heating, general construction and residential service.

When he isn’t plumbing, Jordan loves to spend time with his wife and their dogs either walking the local trails or biking the hills of Galbraith.




Kyle Hiebert

Lead Journeyman Plumber

Kyle has been in the plumbing industry since 2006. Even before that he spent many hours with his father, a gifted local plumber, learning the skills he uses now. Kyle has gathered experience in residential, service, and commercial work. He is currently the lead journey man on the largest residential project we have undertaken to date; a resort community in Point Roberts which will include over 60 homes.

You will never see Kyle without a smile on his face and he can make even the most dire situation seem possible. In his downtime he has been known to be a quietly aspiring musical genius.



Jason Hansen

Aspiring Apprentice Plumber

Jason was born and raised in Bellingham and has had many types of work experience from welding, framing, even commercial fishing in Alaska. He has recently joined the Spectrum team and is thoroughly enjoying learning a new skill to add to his many talents. We especially appreciate having someone with knowledge in so many areas, allowing us to even better serve our clients. 

In his spare time he enjoys being out on the water fishing or hanging out with good friends and family.




Nathan Skog

Aspiring Apprentice Plumber

Nathen was born and raised in Bellingham and has spent the last 7 years as a metal fabricator. He has experience in a vast expanse of general construction areas. Nathan is the newest member of our team but you would never know. He learns quickly, is organized, and is one of the hardest workers you’ll meet.

In his free time he enjoys Crossfit, another area where his dedication shines. He is now a trainer and teaches his own classes. Nate is also a family man and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.




Andy Fause

Aspiring Apprentice Plumber-Heavy Equipment Operator

We met Andy during construction of the Toni and Guy beauty school here in town of which Andy was general contractor. Andy helps out the Spectrum team when we need heavy equipment to complete a project and also gives a hand as a plumbing apprentice from time to time. He is another huge asset for us in the multiple skills department and we love having him around whenever we are able to.

When Andy isn’t helping out, or running his own construction company, he loves spending time with his wife and three kids, or using his fine woodworking skills on some amazing projects and spending time with friends.


A Family Business

The Fuller Family

"We caught ourselves standing still enough for a family picture for a moment... but in reality our life is a little more hectic".

Ben works Spectrum Plumbing and Heating full time and then some and then comes home to be the wonderful husband and father his family loves him for. Nikki is also a multitasker. When she isn't at Sparrow Salon, her salon in downtown Bellingham, she's working in the Spectrum Plumbing and Heating office. And when she isn't in the office she's keeping track of their 3 children who are all on their own schedules as well... Busy is an understatement.

And we love it. And we wouldn't have it any other way. We are highly motivated and highly family orientated and we are always in finding the balance in those things. We live on a little farm in the county and we have a passion to provide the kind of life we both had growing up to our children in the midst of a technology driven world. We love working with family and customers to bring sustainable solutions to our homes and the community and we look forward to being able to provide our community with our plumbing services. about

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